Potion making kit

Potion making kit



With this activity box, be a wizard/witch, brew the potions and learn the science behind them.

Some of the activities included are:

  • URGEO POTENTIA POTION: Learn the concept of Density of liquids/Float-Sink.
  • FLOOD OF CREPITUS POTION: Learn chemical science of Neutralization.
  • CANDOUR POTION: Learn the science of Solubility/insolubility.
  • TROL’S SNOT JUICE POTION: Learn the glowing science of Glow in the dark:
  • Word Search.
  • Fun maze.
  • Create your own Potion.

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  • Make a fuzzy potion
  • Fuzzy potion in a beautiful potion bottle
  • Neutralization: When baking soda is mixed with vinegar, chemical reaction happens. The mixture quickly foams up
    with carbon dioxide gas and so the liquid that oozes out of the potion bottle has lots of bubbles of carbon dioxide gas. This gives a
    frothy look to the liquid.

  • Density of liquids/Float-Sink:
  • Oil is floating on the water clove is in between the water and oil layer. You can try it with other liquids like honey, dish
    washer etc.


  • Oil is insoluble in water and is also lighter than water, so it floats on water. Clove is lighter than water but heavier than oil
    so it takes its place in between the layers of water and oil. Sometimes clove may settle down if it is heavier than water or it may float on oil if it is lighter than the oil also.

  • potion teaching you Solubility!!!
  • The color of the potion becomes pinkish red after adding Rosa aura.


  • Soluble/Insoluble: Glitter powder is insoluble in water, so it settles down or gets suspended in water, but Rose water and
    food color are soluble in water so whole water takes up the pinkish color.

  • Keep it some dark place and after some time see the potion glowing!!!
  • Let the things glow in the dark!!!

  • Glow in the dark: All glow-in-the-dark products contain phosphors. A phosphor is a substance that radiates visible light after
    being energized. As soon as the particles of powder are exposed to lower light or dark, they will start to emit their glow. This is
    initially very bright & colourful. This intensity of colour and glow will drop off over the full 8-12 hours that the glow will last for.

  • Fun with Potions!!!
  • Make potions and learn science behind!!!

  • Make potions and learn science behind!!!

  • Magic Wand!!!
    Handmade Wand!!!
  • Be a Wizard/Witch, use the Wand and make the potions!!!

Technical Details

  • Educational Objective(s) - Logical Thinking
  • Product Dimensions - ‎27.94 x 27.94 x 7.62 cm
  • Manufacturer recommended age - ‎4 years and up
  • Manufacturer - ‎Siyaira Solutions
  • Country of Origin - ‎India
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH - 27.9 x 27.9 x 7.6 Centimeters
  • Included Components - Glitter, Styrofoam balls, Rose water, Oil, Glue, Cloves, Glow in the dark powder, Glass potion bottles, Baking soda, Vinegar

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