Sound Activity box

Sound Activity box



With this activity box, you will be able do experiments related to sound and learn about the science behind Sound.

Some of the activities included are:

  • Tuning fork magic!!!
  • How do we speak and Listen
  • Amplify Sound with Balloon
  • Table Thunder!
  • Make a String Telephone
  • Music with Water
  • Be a Doctor-Stethoscope!!!
  • Sound Detector!
  • Music fun
  • Sound of different materials
  • Word Search
  • Sudoku Time
  • Magic Square
  • Poem Time
  • Story Time

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  • Hearing sound created by TUNING FORK!!!
  • Sound is produced because of the vibration or movement of any object. Here the tuning fork vibrates and produces sound.

  • Create your own Straw flute!!!
  • The shortest straw makes the highest sound while the longest straw produces the lowest sound.

  • Music with Water!!!
  • Each of the glasses will produce a different tone when hit with the pencil, the glass with the most water will have the lowest tone while the glass with the least water will have the highest.

  • Be a Doctor-Stethoscope!!!
  • Here one side of the stethoscope is kept on the chest and the other on the ear. When the heart beats, sound is produced and this sound reaches the other end through the tube.

  • String Telephone!!!
  • When we speak in the glass, the sound energy gets confined into the glass and the loss of sound energy is minimal.

Technical Details

  • Manufacturer recommended age - ‎5 - 14 years
  • Manufacturer - ‎Siyaira Solutions
  • Country of Origin - ‎India
  • Included Components - Funnel, Paper cup, Plastic tube, Gloves, Tape, Balloon, Table Mat, Tuning Fork, Straw, Instruction/Information Booklet

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