Plants Activity box

Plants Activity box



With this activity box, you will be able do experiments related to parts of plants and also grow your own plant.

Activities included are:

  • Learn Germination
  • Grow your own plant
  • Do your science experiment capillary action to understand the transport of food and nutrients in plants
  • Perform Capillary action in white flowers and make them colourful
  • Dig the roots and cut the stem to know what’s inside of a plant.
  • Learn then Venation of Leaves and trace them
  • Understand photosynthesis and do an experiment to Check for presence of oxygen in leaf
  • Do Leaf painting
  • Understand insectivore plants and make a Paper plate Venus fly trap.
  • Observe the Leaf’s journey.
  • Word Search on plants
  • Sudoku fun
  • Magic Square
  • Be Jr. Poet and Jr. Writer

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  • Capillary action: Helps plants to transport food and water to various parts of a plant!!!
  • Capillary action occurs because water is sticky which means that water molecules like to stay close together. Also, water molecules get attracted and stick to other substances (like tissue paper). This causes water to move up the tissue paper.

  • Grow your own plant!!!
  • The seeds get germinated and after a couple of days you will see a tiny stem and leaves coming out.

  • Now it is a sapling!!! Once you see the sapling, transfer the plant to bigger pot or in your lawn.

  • Germination of Seeds!!!
  • The white tiny part coming out of the seed is the root.

  • Then after a day or so a stem and tiny leaves will come out of the seed. This is called Germination.

  • Leaf painting fun
  • Painting time: Paint a fresh leaf or artificial leaf provided in the box!!!

  • Learn about carnivore plants and make venus fly trap!!!
  • CARNIVOROUS PLANT: Insect Eating

  • All living things need nitrogen to grow. Carnivorous plants grow in soil, which has little nitrogen. For their growth the Carnivorous plants take nitrogen from the insects they eat.

  • Learn about venation in leaves in a fun way!!!
  • Venation: Arrangement or system of veins on the lamina of the leaf.

Technical Details

  • Educational Objective(s) - Logical Thinking, Creative Skills, Reasoning Skills, STEM
  • Manufacturer recommended age - 5 - 14 years
  • Manufacturer - Siyaira Solutions
  • Country of Origin - India
  • Included Components - Soil packet, Glue small, Moong dal, Food color Orange, Seeds, cotton, Sponge ball, booklet, Flower Pot, Food color green, Manure packet, paper plate, Table mat, Origami sheets, Pair of Gloves, Pencil/eraser/sharpener kit, Dry/artificial leaves, Tissue paper, Plastic Glasses

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