Light & Rainbow activity box

Light & Rainbow activity box



With this activity box, you will be able to perform experiment and learn about the science behind rainbows.

Some of the activities included are:

  • Light through the prism
  • Make a rainbow using the torch and prism
  • Art & Craft: Make a Rainbow
  • Rainbow in a test tube
  • Create light pattern with CD
  • Origami Rainbow Snake Activity
  • Origami Peacock Activity
  • Rainbow word search
  • Sudoku Time
  • Magic Square
  • Poem Time
  • Story time

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  • Prism and Rainbow!!!
  • When we see the light, it looks white in color but actually it is made up from 7 colors. If we a take a prism and the pass white light through the prism using a light source or torch then it gets divided into 7 different colors – VIBGYOR (Violet–Indigo–Blue–Green–Yellow–Orange–Red).

  • Make your own Rainbow—-Some art FUN!!!
  • We know about rainbow so lets have some art fun and make our own rainbow with the things provided inside the box!!!

  • Rainbow in a test tube for kids!!!
  • Learning: When any soluble substance is mixed with water then water becomes heavy.

  • Prism, torch and Rainbow!!!
  • Learning: You will observe that the light gets split into 7 colors when seen through the prism. This is because the white light is gets refracted when it passes through the prism.

  • Fun with CD!!!
  • Lets mix science and craft and make beautiful patterns using a CD!!!


Technical Details

  • Educational Objective(s) - ‎Logical Thinking, Creative Skills, Reasoning Skills, STEM
  • Manufacturer recommended age - ‎5 - 14 years
  • Manufacturer - ‎Siyaira Solutions
  • Country of Origin - India
  • Item Weight - 1 kg 370 g
  • Included Components - Test tube, Salt, Test tube stand, Small Poster colors set, Test tube holder, Pair of gloves, Cut-out: Rainbow, sun, clouds, drops, Origami Sheets, Prism, Dropper.

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